IMDb 5.7 Genre: Action, Thriller

The movie story is set against the backdrop of the National Highways leading to Bangalore.

Pandaga Chesko
IMDb 5.9 Genre: Action, Comedy

The movie starts with Karthik (Ram) who runs a multimillion-dollar company in Portugal living with his family. Karthik (Ram) runs the company where he has employed his own father, brother, ...

IMDb 5.7 Genre: Comedy

Sankarabharanam is a remake of the Hindi sleeper hit - Phas Gaye Re Obama. The film tells the story of an NRI from America who is on the verge of bankruptcy. He finds out that he owns a ...

IMDb 5.8 Genre: Action, Comedy

Bunny is an Indian Telugu-language action-masala film that was released in the year 2005. This is Allu Arjun's third movie, which proved to be his third successive box office hit after Gangotri and Arya.

IMDb 3.6 Genre: Drama, Horror

The story of Trivikraman is quite old but the way things featuring lead actors and their story executed are pretty good.  The first half of the film is gripping and suspense filled. You never know what turn the film will get into as the direct...

IMDb 3.4 Genre: Action, Comedy

Villain makes Ravi Teja a police officer so that he can use him for his own purpose. But when he knows the truth things turn upside down.

Naa Ishtam
IMDb 4.4 Genre: Drama, Love

Gani (Rana) is a Telugu youth who lives and works in Malaysia and he is an extremely selfish person. He always thinks about himself and his benefits first. Into his routine life comes ...

Aaduthu Paaduthu
IMDb 6.7 Genre: Comedy, Drama

Two friends who start a small business unexpectedly meet an innocent tribal girl. They help her out and one of the friends falls in love with her. But this innocent girl isn't who she says she is.

IMDb 3.8 Genre: Action, Comedy

An Indian engineering student in the U.S. gets in trouble with local gangsters and must resolve his problems to return to his lady-love in India.

IMDb N/A Genre: Drama, Love

Mallepuvu is a 2008 Tollywood Indian feature film directed by V. Samudra. The film has Bhumika and Muralikrishna who debuts in the lead role, supported by Suman Setty, RK, Sukumar, and Kovai Sarala. The film was launched on 30 April 2008.

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